How Many Years To Financial Independence?

The time it takes to reach financial independence (FI) depends on several factors. The most powerful and controllable factor is your savings rate, or what portion of your income you set aside and invest. This calculator shows how the time to FI is influenced by savings rate and additional factors.


This list summarizes our assumptions. Further details can be seen on the associated math page.

  • Forever Portfolio: Portfolio value remains constant or grows after FI.
  • Finite Portfolio: Portfolio value reaches zero after the specified number of years.
  • All values are inflation-adjusted.
  • Income constant until FI, then zero.
  • Savings constant until FI, then zero.
  • Expenses constant for entire duration of portfolio.
  • Annual return on investment constant for entire duration of portfolio.
  • After FI, withdrawal from portfolio equals expenses. Withdrawal occurs once at beginning of every year.

Savings Rate

Savings rate is the biggest factor in the time required to reach FI.

Savings Rate
Percent of income saved and invested.
Net Income
Annual take-home income (after taxes).
Annual money spent (not saved).
Annual money saved and invested.

Investment Return

Your investments should be working for you. A higher rate of return affects reduces the time to reach FI, but be conservative with your assumption here.

Rate of Return
Annual return on investment.

Withdrawal Rate

What percent of your FI portfolio will you withdraw to meet annual expenses? A lower withdrawal rate provides a greater buffer against uncertainty after FI.

Rate of Withdrawal
Annual percent of portfolio withdrawn after FI.
Limited by return-rate for Forever portfolio.
Has no impact for Finite portfolio.

Initial Portfolio Value

If you already have a portfolio, then you're closer to FI.

Portfolio Value

Portfolio Duration

Do you want your porfolio to last forever? Or do you plan to spend it all over a period of time?



You will reach Financial Independence in . Your portfolio value will be ! At this point, you can stop earning income and use withdrawals from your portfolio to cover your expenses. Your portfolio should continue to grow forever.Your portfolio will run out of money after .