We are supporters of the Financial Independence (FI) journey, and want to convince outsiders to join the cause. On this site, we explore the calculations behind FI, build interactive tools, and discuss our findings. We try to be thorough, and present the mathematics so that others can dispute or corroborate our results. We hope to become a one-stop site for the mathematical theory associated with Financial Independence.

What We Do

Explore Assumptions
Clarify, challenge, and explain the assumptions behind Financial Independence.
Present Math
Define mathematical models for FI-related problems, and take the time to write out the mathematical notation and explain the models.
Build Tools
Create calculators to crunch the numbers and explore the math behind Financial Independence.
Present Results
Use the calculators and equations to study various FI problems, and report findings.
Discuss our findings with the FI community.

Why All the Math?

How can we expect you to believe us if we don't provide the evidence? You don't need to understand or even look at the math, but we feel it's important to present it. We try to make our tools intuitive and attractive enough for those who are math-indifferent.

It's Not All about the Math!

Numbers can only get you so far. You can only predict the future with limited accuracy. As you move along the path to FI, the numbers will become less important to you. At some point, you have to believe in your assumptions, and believe in yourself. Optimism, flexibility, consciousness, and stoicism may ultimately matter more than the numbers in your journey to Financial Independence.


Here are some resources that have inspired us: